Founder & CEO-Dr. Tomi Mercy Ademokun

Turning our compassion into action, and creating pathways of prosperity for our people in Africa and the Diaspora is our mission. We have over a decade of experience serving in Africa, Caribbean, Canada, and America Diaspora region.

We are Afroptimist.

Our executive leadership team are African Optimist, and we believe in Africans leading the transformation of our own nation and providing the innovative solutions to help us thrive. Experienced subject matter experts, who are top African leaders, oversees all the foundation’s efforts in Africa and the Diaspora. The committee meets regularly to ensure that all of our teams perform efficiently and to facilitate cross-functional global connections. At the core of ACD’s Foundation programming is our direct connection to African ingenuity and Africans developing sustainable solutions to our own problems.

Key Program Areas

Health & Food Security

Agribusiness & Sustainable Livelihoods

Financial Inclusion

Renewable Energy & Infrastructure

Education & Economic Empowerment

Leadership Team

Tayo Omosehin
(Canada Team Lead)
Mr. Tayo Omoeshin guides the vision and strategic direction of the foundation and serves as an advocate for the foundation’s key issues. He Oversees finance and accounting, financial planning and analysis, risk and assurance, partner organizational effectiveness, the ACD Strategic Investment Fund, and several special initiatives. Mr. Omoeshin has over two decades of experience in infrastructure development, banking and financial inclusion, economic empowerment, and sustainable livelihoods. He leads the Canada Disapora region and the head of Pabulum Global Ltd partnership.

Kerrie-Ann Thombs
(Caribbean Team Lead)
Mrs. Kerrie-Ann Thombs leads the foundation’s efforts to develop high-impact interventions against the leading causes of death and disability in developing countries. She is a media influencer, and mental health expert leading the Academy of Enlightened Education transformation and Real Life TV series, and our key partner in the Caribbean region.

Michael Adeyemi Adefarasin
(Nigeria Team Lead)
Mr. Michael Adeyemi Adefarasin helps shape our vision and develop strategies to address some of the world’s most challenging inequities. He is our team lead for Nigeria through his partner Global Lifeline Foundation, and being a lifeline for the vulnerable communities we serve.

Dr. Tomi Mercy Ademokun
(Diaspora Team Lead)
Dr. Ademokun shapes and approves foundation strategies, advocates for the foundation’s issues, reviews results, and sets the organization’s overall direction. She has over 16 years of experience working in Africa, Caribbean, and Diaspora regions. Dr. Ademokun focuses on high-impact, sustainable solutions for the people we serve.

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